“I would like to extend my sincerest thank you to the team at G-Force for such a wonderful building experience.”
— Marie from Glenelg

Extensions, Renovations & Custom Homes  

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Why we love residential building

We really enjoy working with our residential building clients at G-Force. Why? Well, residential building projects enable us to work directly with the people that get to live in the finished product! It’s always incredibly rewarding to see the gratitude and excitement from the client when they view their completed project. We have this same satisfaction regardless of the job, from one room add-ons or modifications to high end architecturally designed projects.

Key points about our approach

If you’re looking for a builder to complete a custom home, extension or renovation, this is what we believe is important in the services we provide:

  • We want to get to know you so that we can develop a friendly, trusting relationship when it comes time to build (this is critical to ensuring you enjoy the process).

  • We want to ensure that the home we design or build is the home that is suited to YOU.

  • We take pride in our workmanship and if you’re not happy it’s simple - we’ll fix it.

  • Building and renovating can be stressful, but we’ll endeavour to take the stress out of it for you.

  • Variations to the build can be costly, so we always aim to put forward a realistic cost of the build upfront rather than surprise you with cost variations once you’re already knee deep in mortar and paving sand.

  • We want your building project to be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Design or Build or both

Do you just need a designer, are you simply looking for a builder, or are you after the whole package? Here’s the important points:

  • Our inhouse designers will sit down with you and actually listen to what YOU want and what is important to YOU. They will then design you a beautiful home that cleverly incorporates everything.

  • We won’t lock you in to building with us if you design with us, and we always advise our clients to get at least two other quotes for the build of their home.

  • We have a great relationship with many Adelaide based architects and often build from their fully documented designs.

You may have full approvals and be raring to go, or perhaps you are just starting out, either way we can help you. We understand that everyone approaches this process with a different level of knowledge so we are always open and approachable to assist clients move forward on their journey.

Let’s meet!

We think the best way to know whether we’re the right builder for you is to meet us! So feel free to call and we’ll arrange a meeting at our office or at your home at a time that suits you. You can call us on 08 7225 5775, email [email protected] or leave us a message here.

Heritage Homes

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Expertise and experience matters

Heritage work always comes with a vastly different set of challenges compared to standard residential building. It is, therefore, important you work with a builder that understands those challenges and how to deal with them.

Heritage buildings require specialist workmanship to ensure that the history and character of the building is retained and can stand the test of time into the future.

We’re a trusted, specialist heritage builder

We are one of Adelaide’s most trusted specialist heritage contractors, having completed works to many of SA’s most iconic buildings. These include Ayers House, Government House, the Elder Park Rotunda, the State Library Mortlock Building, Parliament House, Reed House, the Uni SA Law Building and many more.

Managing the challenges of heritage building and renovating work

When we work on your heritage home we use our own inhouse specialist carpenters, the same carpenters who work on Adelaide’s most significant heritage sites. We also have a long standing relationship with our other trusted heritage trades who work closely with us to restore the former beauty of your building or create a new hand crafted masterpiece. 

Custom specialist carpentry

Our carpenters are also specialist joiners and can create custom pieces of timber work to replicate or repair the craftsmanship of yesteryear. They also regularly carryout details timber conservation to retain and protect timber of historical significance.

Disabled & Aged Modifications


We are passionate about improving the way of life for clients who are mobility impaired. We have extensive experience in this area and often work with Occupational Therapists to custom design and build solutions to our clients’ individual needs.

We have completed the design and build of entire homes, carefully thought out and equipped with custom hoist systems, therapy pools, training rooms and specialist whole house automation systems. These homes are instrumental in providing our clients with maximum independence and functionality in their everyday lives.