Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just build to “lock up” so we can finish the work ourselves?

Yes, we often build to “lock up” only or agree on various parts of the work to be done by the client.

We already have our plans done, will you just do the building works?

Yes, of course, we work with other designers’ plans all the time.

We already have a builder in mind, can you just do the plans for us?

Yes, we offer a drafting service and can also offer design solutions.

We really want a stress free project. Can you complete everything from designs and building including council approvals?

Yes, we offer a complete ‘concept to completion’ service where we will work with you on the designs, get the plans done, organise council approval, energy ratings, engineering and complete all the building works so you only have to deal with one person from start to finish.

We don’t understand the process for engineering and council approval, can you help?

Yes, of course. We can explain all this and organise it for you if you would like. Give one of our friendly staff a call and we will explain everything.

How do we start?

Start by having one of our designers work with you to prepare a concept design. From there, we will finalise preliminary plans suitable for council approval and quoting. There is no point getting prices from builders before proper plans and engineering are done, as those quotes will never be a fixed price.

What is your square metre rate?

We don’t have one, as we are not a project home builder. Every project is different so square metre rates are misleading and never accurate. However, if you talk to one of our friendly team, we might be able to give you an idea once some concept plans have been prepared.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, but only if plans and engineering are complete. There is no point quoting on hand sketches or ideas as these aren’t really quotes and you would leave yourself at risk of significant unforeseen costs down the track.

Can you work to our budget?

Yes, this is exactly what we do. We often have clients who have spent lots of money on beautiful designs that they simply can’t afford. All our projects are tailored to your budget so they are realistic.

Do you do ‘home and land packages’?

No, we are not a developer; we are simply a general builder.

Can you help with the demolition of our current house?

Yes, we can include that in the building works.

Can you tailor the project to our special needs (ie; disabilities)?

Yes, we are one of Adelaide’s most experienced builders for clients with disabilities. Our designers will work with you to ensure everything is functional and workable.

Do you have your own trade staff?

Yes, we have our own carpenters on staff.

Do you have a Quality Assurance System and/or Certification?

Yes we do. We also have WHS and Environmental. Our QA system is independently audited every 12 months.

Are you an environmentally sustainable builder?

Yes, we have our own environmental system and are committed to eco designs. We are also accredited Energy Raters.

Can we live here whilst the building work takes place?

Wherever possible, we try and accommodate this as we understand the cost for renting just adds to the building work. However, it will depend on the project.

Can you help with interior design selections?

Yes, our designers offer full assistance in this area if required.