“What a fantastic process it has been working with Raya and the G-Force team. We are now living in our forever home and we can’t thank you enough.”
— Rob and Susie

Design & Drafting


Our talented team of building designers are passionate about listening to you, getting to know what makes you tick and developing innovative designs. They are down to earth, intuitive and innovative. Their approach fosters relaxed, connected and trusted relationships with our clients.

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary architectural features or a true traditionalist, we can design to suit your specific style.

Passive solar design and energy efficient principles are innate in all of our designs, whether it’s at the forefront of your requirements or something a little further down the list. We believe incorporating these principles enhances the comfort and liveability of your home.

Once your design has been established we collaborate with engineers, framing designers, energy assessors, interior designers and other consultants to take you through the whole approval process. 

Being both a design and building company, we have the advantage of knowing exactly how much detail is required on plans. We also know what our designs would cost to build, so we can ensure our designs don’t exceed your budget. As a result, we have established a strong reputation of producing quality documents which are accurate and clear to read, and designs which are affordable and relevant without compromising on aesthetics.

Building Condition & Compliance Audits

We assist many commercial clients, councils and housing associations to assess their properties for items such as legislative requirements, building code compliance, maintenance forecasting and disability access.

We offer comprehensive Auditing Services where we inspect your sites and collate the results into a detailed report, identifying all compliance risks, providing recommended actions along with accurate estimates of costs, categorised according to priority. Similarly, we also provide Maintenance Inspection and Audit Services where we undertake audits of your assets, providing a detailed program of anticipated work over a set period of time, ensuring management of maintenance and budgets can be balanced over that period.

Project Management

If you prefer to have someone else take care of managing your project, we offer flexible and professional Project Management services. We can assist to coordinate and prepare tender documents, call tenders and then administer the contract through the construction phase.

We also provide Construction Management services where we can create packages of each trade component and call tenders on these, allowing an agreed mark up for our time. If this interests you, call us today to find out more.